The Subway Live IQ Integrated Surveillance system provides access to live and archived Subway Surveillance video footage, as well as footage from the legacy DTT system. With LiveIQ screens, you can access multiple restaurants and cameras from one dashboard within the application.


When playing back a transaction, you can view archived footage against it, and you can view footage from multiple cameras and angles at the same time. Subway Live IQ Integrated Surveillance offers the following features:

  • You can watch live and recorded video footage from Subway Surveillance and identify suspicious in-restaurant activity relating to specific transactions.
  • Subway Live IQ enables you to see live footage from a single camera to as many as 16 cameras in multiple restaurants simultaneously on one page.
  • You can reorder camera views by dragging and dropping.

As of the April 2015 release of Subway Live IQ 1502, LiveIQ Surveillance is automatically set up for restaurants that have access to Subway Surveillance but have not yet turned it on.

  • LiveIQ automatically sets up and enables Subway Surveillance as soon as your restaurant does not have any type of surveillance set up.
  • There is no automatic setup of Subway Surveillance for restaurants that do not have access to Subway Surveillance and do not have surveillance in place.

To work properly within LiveIQ, your DVRs must use the GeoVision platform if you are using a surveillance provider other than DTT. The connection details and other required information cannot be automatically populated when you select Other from System Vendor.

Rather, you must manually enter the port settings, username, and password, as well as IP and DNS addresses. Please contact your surveillance vendor directly before starting this setup procedure if you are unfamiliar with these settings. It is essential that both the POS system and the DVR PC be synchronized with an Internet time server. Live IQ displays the wrong video for a transaction when the times are mismatched.