Subway Live IQ Reporting provides you with access to the data you need to run your organization efficiently and effectively. SubwayPOS franchisees, Business Developers, Field Consultants, and Operations Technology Leaders can benefit from LiveIQ Reporting, which provides detailed information that will enable them to identify, research, and resolve potential financial and performance issues within their restaurants.


Through the Reporting section of the Subway Live IQ portal, you can access several key pieces of information. For more information about the Reporting Feature, please refer to the following section.

Subway Live IQ Reporting Functions


Using the LiveIQ Reporting dashboard, you can keep up to date on your restaurant’s sales data on a daily basis. The screen that appears as your home page depends on the settings in your LiveIQ user preferences.

Report Controls

With LiveIQ Reporting, you can easily export and print report data. Many report screens have these controls, but not all, and the options vary from report to report.

Productivity Reports

In the Subway Live IQ Reporting, reports are provided on daily restaurant productivity and productivity trends over time. When you select All Stores from Select store to view, you will see the Owner Productivity report, which displays information about all your restaurants.

Labor Analysis

Additionally, it provides labor analysis reports. With the Generate Report option, you can view a report showing how much overtime was accrued, whether breaks were taken properly, and more. This report can be printed, saved, or exported.

Overview Reports

There are a number of Overviews reports you can get from LiveIQ Reporting for your restaurant, including daily and hourly totals, a snapshot report, information about employee productivity, and key performance indicators.

General Reports

Reports provided by the Subway Live IQ Reporting include extracts, printed reports, SubwayIQ reports, and several other types.