Subway is a worldwide popular fast-food franchise known for its submarine sandwiches, wraps, beverages, and salads. Subway was founded in 1965 by Fred De Luca and Peter Buck in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States. It changed its name from Pete’s Super Submarines to Subway in 1974 after becoming a fast-food franchise.


Subway Live IQ‘s Administration module includes features for grouping restaurants, setting preferences for users, and selecting restaurant preferences.The company opened its second restaurant soon after opening its franchise in Wallingford Town, Connecticut. One of the fastest-growing food chains globally, it has 37,540 locations in 100 countries worldwide as of 2015.

The Subway franchise has more than 410,000 employees in its restaurants worldwide. Subway’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is John Chidsey. However, the company is still owned by the De Luca family. In addition to its non-vegetarian restaurants, Subway Franchise opened its first vegetarian restaurants in two Indian cities.


The company operates half of its restaurants in the U.S. It is noteworthy that its food products differ from country to country since it adds local flavors to attract customers. Over the years, the company has also achieved many other achievements, including being the world’s largest restaurant company and the world’s largest chain of single-brand restaurants.

The slogan is “Eat Fresh,” which indicates that the sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients and vegetables. The company’s main food product remains submarine sandwiches, which come with various toppings. Subway Live IQ’s primary function is to allow managers and high-level employees to monitor businesses in real-time and intervene when problems arise. The program also provides comprehensive information regarding individual sales.