Using Subway Live IQ, available at www.subwayliveiq.com, employees can access various reports and information regarding the store’s performance.


By using this platform, store managers can monitor sales, stock, productivity, profitability, schedules, etc. Based on such information, store managers can take proactive measures to improve the overall performance of the store. You can access several features on the Subway Live IQ platform.

Accessible Features On Subway Live IQ Portal?

Sales Overview

When you select All Stores, you see the Owner Overview, which displays the information for all your restaurants. The Store Overview window displays the same information for the selected restaurant if you select a single restaurant. When viewing the data, you can pick a specific date. Overview reports include current sales and sales for the week, productivity for today, and productivity for the week.

KPI Overview

The KPI overview (Owner KPIs) report shows the status for each restaurant and each day with green, yellow, and red status indicators. When you select a restaurant from the Owner KPIs report, the Store KPIs report for the selected restaurant opens.

Set Up Automated Business Alerts

LiveIQ generates alerts automatically when certain Key Performance Indicator (KPI) settings are exceeded when you set up automated alerts. Customize these alerts, determine how often they are generated each day, and specify who receives them.

Owner Weekly Sales and Store Weekly Sales

Selecting All Stores from Select store to view displays the Owner Weekly Sales report, which displays information about all your restaurants. Store Weekly Sales, which displays the same information for the selected restaurant, appears if you select a single restaurant.

WISR Summary

A WISR Summary report provides total net sales, a summary of selected sales data by category, cost component data (including information about the cost of goods and labor), and productivity data. The report also indicates whether the restaurant transmitted information.