Subway Live IQ’s Administration module includes features for grouping restaurants, setting preferences for users, and selecting restaurant preferences. In addition to reviewing notifications and alerts, you can access Subway Live IQ training environments and user guides from this module. 


You can also compose and send messages if you have the appropriate permissions. We have discussed in detail the administrative features of the portal in the following section.

Administrative Functions Accessible On Subway Live IQ

Compose and Send Messages

Within LiveIQ, you can compose and send both Live IQ messages and Dashboard messages. When you compose a LiveIQ message, you are given a lot of flexibility. Text can be formatted, images can be included, and you can preview your message before sending it. Furthermore, you can select recipients in one or more regions, one or more markets, or one or more restaurants. Additionally, you can choose to display a message in a news pop-up window when you open LiveIQ. 

Set Up Restaurants

The Store Setup option enables you to set up a new instance of LiveIQ on a POS at a restaurant and to view and update existing information.

Use News & Notifications

View messages and alerts using this option. On the News & Notifications screen, there are two panels – one for informational messages and one for alerts. Click the vertical title bar to switch between the two.


You can use Subway Live IQ Alerts to identify and resolve performance and financial issues at your restaurants. LiveIQ generates alerts when certain metrics exceed the thresholds you set for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Create and Manage Restaurant Groups

By using the Group Stores option, you can categorize your restaurants and assign them to groups. Each restaurant can be assigned up to five groups. You may want to categorize your restaurants by location or type of restaurant, for instance, drive-throughs, malls, or cities. You can also create campaigns and territories. 

These categories are used by Subway Live IQ to group your restaurants so you can view aggregate sales figures for each group. Set up groups if you have many restaurants so you can get the most out of Live IQ reports.